Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down for a webinar with my web guru, and one of the savviest business people I know, Tom Foster, who interviewed me about a topic that is - or should be - of great concern to small and mid-size business owners: 

How Minor Changes to Non-Competes Can Make - or Break - Your Business

Here's a bullet-point list of some of the topics we covered:

  • What is a Non-Compete Agreement - & Why Should You Care?
  • How a Fiduciary/Former Employee Can - in the Absence of an Agreement - Solicit His Old Patients/Clients
  • The 3 Best Ways for a Business to Protect Its Client/Patient Roster
  • The Different Rules for Different Jurisdictions Regarding Non-Competes
  • What You Can Expect if You Have a Properly Drafted (or Improperly Drafted) Non-Compete

For additional information on this topic, I encourage you to download our Free Guide to Non-Competes, or simply contacting me at the number above.

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