This rare footage records the oral argument session before New York State's highest court - the Court of Appeals - of the school negligence case of Stephenson v. City of New York, where the central issue of the case was whether New York's public schools have a duty to inform parents of an imminent danger to one of their students when that danger will become manifest outside of school, and not during school hours.

This footage is extremely valuable because it affords viewers the unique opportunity to see how NY trial and appellate attorneys handle tough questioning from smart judges in a pressure-packed atmosphere. As noted in "School Has No Duty to Notify Parents of Danger to Child, Says NY Court," this Court of Appeals agreed to hear this case because the intermediate appellate court - the Appellate Division - issued a split decision, with 3 judges finding the school injury case should be dismissed, and 2 judges disagreeing, and finding that the case should continue.

For additional information on the issues presented by this school injury case, please see "My Privilege Arguing a School Negligence Case Before NY's Highest Court."

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