The Law Offices of Jonathan Cooper handles many types of personal injury cases in New York like the ones listed above, but we are also are looking out for the best interest of your child. If your child has been seriously injured as the result of the negligence of his or her school, camp or daycare provider, you're probably thinking - or should be -

How do I prove school negligence or negligent supervision case under New York law?

Similarly, if your child has been injured by a dangerous or defective product, you're probably wondering how do I prove the case of a defective product in New York?

Unfortunately, the national media has blurred the line between myth and fact regarding child injury cases, particularly in New York.

MYTH: If your child has been seriously injured when under someone else's care, particularly in a school or camp setting in New York, your child is automatically entitled to receive a damages award for your personal injuries.

FACT: Many - if not most - negligent supervision cases against New York schools are dismissed.

Here's the truth: if your child has been injured due to someone else negligence, there are several important questions that you should have answered before you talk to an insurance adjuster, and even before you hire an attorney. These questions include the following:

Almost Every Personal Injury Lawyer Ad Claims That They Handle Child Injury Cases.  Given the Importance of Your Child's Injury Claim, Make Sure Your Attorney Can Answer These Questions - Truthfully, and Without Hesitation.

The articles at our child injury accident blog and website answer these questions, and more, including:

In addition, our free guide to New York accident cases - Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of their Claim - answers the following important questions:

  • What your role should be in helping prosecute your accident claim;
  • What steps the school, or its insurance company, will likely take to defend against your claim;
  •  and, most importantly,
  • The 10 Mistakes That Will Reduce the Value of Your New York Accident Claim (and how to avoid them).

You can order a copy of this book, or call our Long Island office at 516.791.5700.

Some Basic Rules Governing Child Injury Accident Cases in New York

  • While under the care of a school, camp or daycare provider, those entities stand in loco parentis  - which is  Latin, or legalese, for "in the parents' shoes." Consequently, they may be held responsible for the safety of a child that was entrusted to them during school hours and on school premises, but will only be deemed negligent if they have a special duty to the student, and they have notice of the imminent danger to the child, yet fail to prevent the incident that gives rise to the child's personal injuries.
  • In our view, if your child has been seriously injured as the result of a New York school's negligence, it is almost pointless trying to negotiate a pre-action settlement with the school or its insurance company. 

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