Recently, there have been some significant changes New York’s laws regarding non-competes. These rules are particularly important for people who have either left, or are considering leaving, their jobs because they have a very real effect on what you can, and cannot do, post-employment.

In fact, in some instances it may not even matter whether you quit or were fired.

In order to lay out some of the issues, and challenges, faced by individuals and businesses who are parting ways, I recently updated my book, To Compete or Not to Compete: The Definitive Insider’s Guide to Non-Compete Agreements in New York.

In this book, I’ve tried to provide, in easy to understand, non-legalese, the answers to the questions that you should be asking regarding non-competes and non-solicits. And, in this way, you will have at your fingertips lots of good information – even before you contact a lawyer who has expertise in this area.

Here are just some the questions that, at the very least, you should be asking before taking any action – or any further action – regarding your non-compete or non-solicit:

  • When a Non-Compete Agreement is Enforceable – or Unenforceable – Under New York Law
  • What an Employer Can Do When Its Former Employee Violates His Non-Compete Agreement
  • How a Fiduciary Can Permissibly Solicit His Old Clients Under New York law
  • The Critical Difference Between a Non-Compete and a Non-Solicit
  • The Damages That an Employer Can Recover for Breach of a Non-Compete

In order to make this as easy as possible for you to get your Free copy of the book, here’s 3 different ways to go about it:

  1. You can order a copy by clicking this link, or, if you’re seeing this at my website, by simply providing your name, phone number and current email information ;
  2. You can email me directly at [email protected], and request a copy of the book; or,
  3. You can call my office Toll Free at 866.497.3410, and request a copy of the book, and we’ll send you a copy via email.
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