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Long Island & Queens, New York personal injury attorney Jonathan Cooper has published numerous educational articles on these topics. By way of background, Jonathan Cooper is the published author of the Free book on New York accident claims, "Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Claim," as well as the New Yorker's guide to defective product claims, "Why Are There So Few Successful Defective Products Lawsuits?"

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  • Construction Site Injuries and New York's Labor Laws In this article, Long Island, New York construction site accident attorney Jonathan Cooper provides a brief overview of the laws governing the site owner and contractors' liability for their workers' personal injuries that are sustained at the work site. For more information about accident cases generally, please visit, where you can also download Jonathan Cooper's Free eBook "Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Claim."
  • Why Employers Are Liable For Their Grossly Negligent Employees in NY In this article, Long Island, New York accident and train crash attorney Jonathan Cooper discusses how and why employers can be held liable for their employees' negligence in causing a fatal train crash accident. For further information on this topic, please download Mr. Cooper's FREE eBook "Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Accident Claim" from, or contact Mr. Cooper directly at his central Long Island, New York office at 516.791.5700.
  • Dangerous Intersections: Municipal Liability Under New York Law In this article, Long Island, New York Car Accident attorney Jonathan Cooper discusses what a plaintiff needs to do to win his or her personal injury lawsuit against New York State or the local municipality where the intersection or roadway was negligently or dangerously designed, or the traffic control devices or signals, such as a stop sign, were either obscured, knocked down, misaligned, or otherwise not readily visible from the public roadways. For further information on this important topic, and how it could impact your case in Brooklyn, Nassau, Queens or the Bronx, please visit the firm's website at, where you can download a copy of Mr. Cooper's Free eBook entitled "Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Claim," or contact Mr. Cooper's New York office directly at 516.791.5700.
  • Licensor Liability for Product Defects Under New York Law Small business owners may be surprised to learn that under New York law, someone who licenses their trademark on a product can be held liable for injury that results from the foreseeable use of the defective product - even if they are not actively at fault. Does that sound scary from the trademark licensor's perspective? You bet it is.
  • Three Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating a Small Business Deal This article highlights 3 common mistakes that many small business owners in New York make when negotiating business deals that unnecessarily expose their companies to commercial litigation and breach of contract lawsuits.
  • E-Mail Mistakes That Can Cost Your Small Business in Court This article describes 3 common mistakes that small businesses make when using e-mail or other electronic communication that if not handled properly, can result in a waiver of the attorney-client privilege or confidential documents, or unwittingly subject a foreign company to commercial or civil litigation in New York.
  • Fatal Mistakes that Can Leave Your Trade Secrets Unprotected In this article, Long Island, New York based trade secret protection attorney Jonathan Cooper discusses how failing to document how and why you developed your proprietary information may leave it unprotected against trade secret theft. To obtain further information with regard to your small business's needs on how to protect its customer lists or other information against infringement or theft by a disloyal employee or third party, or your best options with respect to commercial litigation, please call the Law Offices of Jonathan Cooper at 516.791.5700.
  • 3 Avoidable Mistakes Can Destroy Your Food Poisoning Lawsuit in NY The following free report by New York defective product and food poisoning attorney Jonathan Cooper outlines three simple steps you can take to protect your rights if you have consumed tainted or defective food products, such as peanut butter that is the subject of the current salmonella outbreak, or have been the victim of food poisoning in general.
  • February 2009 Newsletter This document is a downloadable .pdf copy of Jonathan Cooper's monthly newsletter for February 2009.
  • Defective Goods: Damages That A Business Can Recover Under NY Law In this article, Long Island small business and defective products attorney Jonathan Cooper provides 3 strategies to help prevent a supplier or middleman from being left without any recourse if a manufacturer breaches its contract, and provides inferior or defective products that fail to meet specifications, damaging your small business. For further information regarding what renders a product defective under New York law, what constitutes a breach of contract, or to schedule a consultation with Mr. Cooper with respect to your small business's particular commercial litigation needs, please contact his main Long Island, New York office at 516.791.5700.
  • Make New Cars Noisier, Not Quieter, Say Scientists & NY Politician In this article, Queens and Long Island Car Accident Attorney Jonathan Cooper discusses how the newer hybrid vehicles and electric cars pose safety concerns by virtue of being too quiet, and thereby failing to apprise blind people or other pedestrians of their speed and approach, and how the Congress and scientific community are trying to address these safety problems, concerns and issues. In order to obtain more information about this and other car safety issues, please contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Cooper at their main Long Island office at 516.791.5700.