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  • Licensor Liability for Product Defects Under New York Law Small business owners may be surprised to learn that under New York law, someone who licenses their trademark on a product can be held liable for injury that results from the foreseeable use of the defective product - even if they are not actively at fault. Does that sound scary from the trademark licensor's perspective? You bet it is.
  • 3 Avoidable Mistakes Can Destroy Your Food Poisoning Lawsuit in NY The following free report by New York defective product and food poisoning attorney Jonathan Cooper outlines three simple steps you can take to protect your rights if you have consumed tainted or defective food products, such as peanut butter that is the subject of the current salmonella outbreak, or have been the victim of food poisoning in general.
  • Defective Goods: Damages That A Business Can Recover Under NY Law In this article, Long Island small business and defective products attorney Jonathan Cooper provides 3 strategies to help prevent a supplier or middleman from being left without any recourse if a manufacturer breaches its contract, and provides inferior or defective products that fail to meet specifications, damaging your small business. For further information regarding what renders a product defective under New York law, what constitutes a breach of contract, or to schedule a consultation with Mr. Cooper with respect to your small business's particular commercial litigation needs, please contact his main Long Island, New York office at 516.791.5700.
  • Deposition of Plaintiff in Brooklyn Dangerous Oven Cleaner Case The deposition transcript in this defective products lawsuit shows the plaintiff's incredible claim that even though she used this caustic oven cleaner to remove stubborn grease from pots, pans and stoves, she did not realize that this product was dangerous.