In an effort to educate the general public - BEFORE they even contact a lawyer - about the necessary elements to a successful claim in the areas of:

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  • August '09 Newsletter The August, 2009 Newsletter of Long Island, New York small business, breach of contract, products liability and accident attorney Jonathan Cooper discusses several important topics, including how one client's bad behavior led to disaster, how one provision in the new consumer safety act actually has some promise, and an article that de-bunks some long-held myths about defective products lawsuits. For additional information on these topics, or to download one of Jonathan Cooper's Free eBooks, please visit Jonathan Cooper's website at
  • July 2009 Newsletter In Jonathan Cooper's July, 2009 firm newsletter, he covers topics that although are applicable to general litigation matters, they are primarily focused on the small business litigation context, particularly as they relate to breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. For more information about these topics, please visit Jonathan Cooper's new small business law blog at
  • May '09 Newsletter In his May, 2009 Newsletter, Long Island, New York small business and personal injury attorney Jonathan Cooper addresses several current and important topics, including whether "Play at Your Own Risk" is recognized under New York law, and why some construction site accident cases are frivolous. For more information on these topics, please visit his website at
  • February 2009 Newsletter This document is a downloadable .pdf copy of Jonathan Cooper's monthly newsletter for February 2009.
  • January 2009 Newsletter This is a downloadable .pdf copy of Jonathan Cooper's firm newsletter for January 2009.