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Former Miami Football Coach Sues School for Breach of Contract

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

On April 27, former University of Miami football coach Randy Shannon filed a lawsuit against the school for breach of contract. The suit was filed in the Eleventh Judicial Court of Miami-Dade County. He is requesting a jury trial on all claims.

In his lawsuit, Shannon alleges the following: 

  • The school improperly denied and continues to deny compensation owed as part of his contract.
  • The contract was terminated without cause.
  • The school attempted to prorate the amount of money guaranteed to him under the contract, even though there is not a proration in the event of early termination provision within the agreement.
  • Part of the money that he was supposed to receive was compensation for the team’s appearance in the Sun Bowl after the 2010 regular season.
  • The contract stated that he would receive such additional compensation for a bowl appearance, regardless of whether he remained an employee of the school.

In its defense, the University of Miami asserts the following:
  • Shannon was paid the full amount of the guarantee.
  • The school reduced his monthly payments under the Employee Agreement by the amount overpaid under the Guarantee Agreement.

The reduction in payments was applied to 17 monthly installments paid between December 2010 and April 2012. The school intends to reduce the remaining 21 payments under the contract as well.

Shannon was hired as head coach of the University of Miami football team in 2006. The contract in question was renewed in May 2010 and was set to run through 2014. Shannon was the successor to Larry Coker as head coach. He completed his time in the role with a 28-22 record over four seasons.

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