Posted on Sep 09, 2012


While it is true that New York's schools are charged with responsibility for overseeing the safety of our children during school and during schools hours (for more on this topic, please see "How to Prove Your School Negligence Claim Under New York Law"), there is one type of school negligence claim that many other schools worldwide face that generally does not apply to New York schools:


Pool safety.


The reason for this should be relatively straightforward - New York's climate generally dictates that the students are not going to be swimming during these times (Of course, there is the rare exception of a school trip to the beach or a water park, but those are the exception rather than the rule). Conversely, there are areas of the world where water activity is accepted, such as in Uganda.


Unfortunately, judging by the death of a two year-old who was left unsupervised by the school's pool and subsequently drowned, it certainly appears that school negligence is not a phenomenon that is limited to New York. Not by a long shot.

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