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Salon Sues Former Stylist for Breach of Non-Compete Agreement

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

In late October 2012, attorneys for Frederic Fekkai & Co. and its Brazilian Court salon in Palm Beach, Florida, filed suit against stylist Dris Ramdane and former creative director Bernard Arapaglou. In their suit, the parties alleged that Ramdane and Arapaglou are guilty of violating the terms of their non-compete agreements. The two left the salon in May 2012 after having worked there for approximately 10 years.

Fekkai & Co. is seeking an injunction to prevent the defendants from opening their own salon at a location one block east of their former workplace. Allegedly, the pair were planning to open the salon in mid-November, following the completion of their six-month non-compete clause. Fekkai is also seeking more than $15,000 damages for lost profits.

In the lawsuit filings, Fekkai alleged that:

  • The defendants improperly solicited salon clients.
  • The defendants provided salon clients with private services in violation of their non-compete agreements.
  • More than 440 long-term clients of the salon have not purchased any services there since the defendants left the salon.
  • At least 10 Fekkai clients stated that they have been receiving services from both defendants since their departure from the salon in May.
  • The defendants have been recruiting other employees of the salon to join their new salon, adding to the salon’ loss in clients and revenue.

In defense of Ramdane and Arapaglou, a former president of the Florida Cosmetology Association said it is commonplace for clients to be more loyal to their stylist than any particular salon. She added that Fekkai benefited financially from both defendants during their tenure with the salon and said it is common for stylists to leave a salon and open their own shop.

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