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Spider-man Musical Breach of Contract Suit Settled

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

Julie Taymor and the producers of Broadway’s “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” have come to a resolution after litigation regarding the firing and breach of contract issues they’ve been dealing with for almost a year. Taymor, the Tony Award-winning director of Broadway’s “The Lion King” was fired last March, and later filed a lawsuit against the show’s producers.

Taymor began directing the production and served as a collaborator during the show’s beginnings. The agreement says that she is entitled to a share of the profits from the work she put into the show, and she will be receiving the royalties she would be given as a director as long as the production is on stage. 

The litigation began when Taymor, who did work on the book that would be used for the Spider-Man production, filed a copyright infringement against the producers because they were unlawfully using her written work. 

Taymor was fired by the production crew because they said she created a work too dark and twisted to be associated with the Spider-man franchise, which they would have to re-work in order for it to be used on stage on Broadway. They had recently filed a counter-suit for breach of contract, stating their position on her firing was that she did not work to create the type of show that they had wanted to put on.

The show has worked through most of its kinks before and after the opening, and pulled in almost $3 million during the holiday season, breaking previous Broadway records. 

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