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Taylor Swift Concert Cancellation Leads to Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

In a recent complaint filed in federal court in New York, a Florida-based ticketing company accuses country music star Taylor Swift of breach of contract. The company, Fire USA, Inc., accuses the singer of breaching an agreement in which she agreed to perform a concert in Ottawa, Canada, on August 11, 2012. The show was reportedly cancelled, and Swift refused to reschedule. The company further accuses Swift of keeping the $2.5 million that she was paid in advance. 

Fire USA, Inc. alleges that it was forced to refund $1.8 million to its customers when Swift did not reschedule. The contract between the two parties was signed in October of 2011. The concert was cancelled because of organizational problems. By the time it was cancelled, Swift had already received a non-refundable deposit of $250,000, as well as an additional $2.2 million in December of 2011. 

In response to the action against her, Swift states that she is not personally liable for any of the refunds that were made. A ticket company, Evo Merchant Services, handled the sale of the tickets. The credit card payment processing company is based in New York. Swift argues that her deal was not with the ticket company. Therefore, she is not liable for refunds.

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