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Time Warner Accused of Breach of Contract After Moving Channels

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

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Sinclair Broadcast Group has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Time Warner Cable. The lawsuit stems from Time Warner’s decision to move a Syracuse, New York TV station, managed by Sinclair, to a less ideal spot on Time Warner’s lineup. The station involved is WNYS-TV. It was moved to channel 1225. Sinclair is one of the largest TV station owners and operators in the country. The company owns, operates, programs, and provides sales services to 140 stations throughout the US.

In the filing, Sinclair argues that Time Warner moved other local broadcast stations to channels in the 100-level range. These stations are all owned or managed by corporate giants ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and the CW Network. Sinclair alleges that the move breaches a 2007 agreement. The contract called for WNYS to be placed in the same area as channels of other local broadcast stations.

WNYS-TV is a MyTV Network station. In the lawsuit, Sinclair accuses Time Warner of having plans to move at least eight other MyTV Network affiliates. The filing did not specify the amount of damages that Sinclair is seeking from Time Warner. The lawsuit is not the first time the parties have battled over their relationship. A February 2011 disagreement nearly resulted in Time Warner subscribers not being able to view Sinclair stations. Fortunately for viewers, the issue was resolved with a new contract between the parties.

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