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Woman Who Sent Back Adopted Russian Boy Guilty of Breach of Contract

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

In April of 2010, an American woman named Torry Hansen sent her adopted son back to his home country of Russia. She sent the little boy on a one-way flight with a note that said he was disturbed, violent, and that she did not want him anymore. The boy was hospitalized for three weeks after his return to Moscow, and was later moved to an orphanage, and after that to another institution. He is now ten years old.


Ms. Hansen has been ordered by an American court to pay for breach of her adoption contract as well as child support. The World Association for Children and Parents, which initially helped Ms. Hansen adopt the boy, filed the lawsuit.


The court made the following rulings:

  • Ms. Hansen signed a contract when she adopted the boy acknowledging that he may have physical, emotional, or behavioral problems that were unknown to the adoption agency.
  • Ms. Hansen must pay an initial $150,000 for breach of contract, legal fees, and support for the boy.
  • Ms. Hansen must pay an additional $1,000 per month in child support, beginning in June, until the little boy reaches adulthood.


Ms. Hansen did not show up for any of her court hearings, although she did hire a court reporter. She also hired three different lawyers to represent her, though the judge allowed the most recent attorney to leave the case. She also filed her own lawsuit last month in a California court against representatives of a Russian orphanage. In that suit, she alleges that the Russian Federation Supreme Court had annulled the adoption, and that the orphanage was therefore unable to recover child support from her. She wants the California court to recognize the Russian decision.


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