If you've tripped or slipped and fallen over a broken or defective sidewalk, roadway or stairway in New York, you should read our guide to New York accident cases, Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of their claim, before you hire a lawyer, and especially before you speak to any insurance adjuster.

Many Lawyer Ads Claim That They Handle Trip or Slip and Fall Cases in New York; But Not One of These Ads Provides You With Any Information on How To Avoid Mistakes That Will Reduce the Value of Your Accident Claim.

Contrary to popular belief, not only are many defective sidewalk cases in New York doomed to fail, but due to the difficulties inherent in demonstrating that the defendants were negligent with regard to their efforts (or the lack thereof) to keep their premises free and clear of snow and ice, many slip and fall cases have - and will - fail in New York's courts.

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  • What you need to prove to win your negligence case;
  • What the insurance company will do to try to defeat your claim;
  • What your role, and your attorney's role should be in the litigation process; and, most importantly,
  • 10 Reasons Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of their Accident Claim (and how to avoid them).

Basic rules governing slip and trip and fall cases in New York:

Negligence cases in New York are governed by a doctrine called comparative negligence, which is particularly important in these types of cases, because it means that regardless of whether the defendants are ultimately found at fault for the defective condition over which you were injured, chances are your recovery will be reduced by the percentage of fault that you bear for your own accident.

In our view, if you have been seriously injured, it is probably not worthwhile to spend any time negotiating with the insurance companies before filing a formal lawsuit.
We promise to prosecute your case with sound ethical consideration, and to use cutting-edge technology to move your case through the court system more effectively, efficiently and inexpensively. In that regard, our Cedarhurst, New York law office is distinct, as we have transitioned to almost completely paperless office, and now file almost all of our cases electronically.
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It is hard to know what to do - or what not to do - in the immediate aftermath of a serious accident, such as a bad trip and fall in New York City. Even if you are not sure whether or not you have a case, you can call us (or fill out the form on this page) for a free and confidential consultation. We pledge to tell you the truth up front - even if the truth is that you do not have a viable case.


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