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This blog by the six-time published author Jonathan Cooper, is intended to educate the general public about issues of interest, particularly innovations and changes in the law, in the areas of non-compete agreements, breach of contract matters, school negligence (and/or negligent supervision), construction accidentsslip and/or trip and fall accidentsauto accidents, and, of course, defective or dangerous products

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Jonathan Cooper
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Zicam Recall Highlights Difficulties in Pursuing Defective Products Claims in New York

In this article, New York consumer product recall and defective product lawyer Jonathan Cooper discusses why the mere fact that a product was recalled does NOT mean that the company issuing the recall concedes that the product was, or is, defective, or that their product was responsible for causing damage or harm to any particular consumer. For additional information on this important topic, and how it may affect your potential products liability case under New York law, please order or download a copy of Jonathan Cooper's FREE guide to New York products liability claims at www.ProductsLiabilityBook.com.

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