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This blog by the six-time published author Jonathan Cooper, is intended to educate the general public about issues of interest, particularly innovations and changes in the law, in the areas of non-compete agreements, breach of contract matters, school negligence (and/or negligent supervision), construction accidentsslip and/or trip and fall accidentsauto accidents, and, of course, defective or dangerous products

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Brooklyn Park Removes Defective (and Ridiculous) $84,000 Playground Equipment

Long Island, New York child injury and defective products attorney Jonathan Cooper discusses how a Brooklyn park was forced to remove defective playground equipment, and whether the manufacturer's claim that it complied with all relevant safety guidelines would effectively preclude a lawsuit against them. For additional information on how to prove a defective design claim for a children's product, please see https://www.jonathancooperlaw.com/library/how-to-prove-that-a-product-was-defectively-designed-under-ny-law.cfm, or contact Jonathan Cooper directly at his Long Island, New York office at 516-791-5700.

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