As noted in our description of the AP's video news report on the mass recall of over 1 million defectively designed Maclaren strollers, the recall was apparently prompted by 12 reported incidents of children whose fingers were partially amputated when they became caught in the strollers' side hinges.

This begs two important questions:

(1) Why did it take so many incidents where children were quite seriously injured before the conclusion was reached that these products needed to be recalled ? (Unfortunately, this is NOT the first time we are asking this question); and,

(2) Given the severity of this safety defect, why didn't Maclaren's testing of these strollers reveal this problem before the products ever made it to the marketplace?

I think it is safe to assume that the answers to these questions will only be learned when Maclaren is sued for one of these children's injuries. And I have no doubt that those lawsuits are coming.

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