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Long Island & Queens, New York Negligent Supervision, Defective Product & Accident Lawyer Blog

The blog by published author of the Free book on New York accident claims, "Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Claim," as well as the New Yorker's guide to defective product claims, "Why Are There So Few Successful Defective Products Lawsuits?" is intended to educate the general public about issues of interest, particularly innovations and changes in the law, in the areas of school negligence (and/or negligent supervision), construction accidents, slip and/or trip and fall accidents, auto accidents, and, of course, defective or dangerous products.

For additional information on any of these topics, readers are encouraged to download these Free e-books on New York personal injury claims

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Two (Rare) Times Punitive Damages Claims Can Succeed in NY

Proving a punitive damages claim is far from easy, at least in New York. Jonathan Cooper explains when these claims will be allowed to proceed

Category: Tortious Interference

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The Best Defense to Tortious Interference Claims in New York

When it comes to tortious interference with contract claims, one of required elements makes it tough to prove your case under NY law, says Jonathan Cooper

Category: Tortious Interference

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One Sign Your Breach of Contract Claim Isn't Taken Seriously

There are those rare occasions where it's obvious that your lawsuit isn't being taken seriously, explains Jonathan Cooper

Category: Tortious Interference